This is the repository for all 2017 editions of the Real Estate Continuing Education courses.

In this course students will be introduced to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) and their impact on the real estate and finance industries. Of particular importance is the new TRID documents and disclosures which are now a part of the real estate transactional process. Attendees will learn about the new Loan Estimate Form as well as the Closing Disclosure and important details about each. In addition, important licensee information about the LREC and the email system will be presented to assist licensees in being better informed on regulatory issues. 

This  course  was  designed to  introduce real  estate  agents to measurement and  pricing techniques for single  family residential dwellings. The measurement and  area computation methods are based upon the American National Standards Institute Square Footage-Method for Calculating ANSI Z765-2013, published by Home  Innovation Research  Labs, and  market practices used  by appraisers and  agents active in the market.

This course is an overview of the various responsibilities of real estate licensees. This course meets the 2011 requirement for four hours of mandatory continuing education for license renewal.

LREC Rules and Regulations

The Code of Ethics

This course will provide the student with an understanding of the advertising laws and rules pertaining to print advertising media, social media and teams and also the ability to implement them. Examples will be used to illustrate the letter and the spirit of the laws and rules. Upon completion of this course the student should not only be familiar with the laws and rules, but have an understanding of the reasoning behind the laws and rules.

In this course, attendees will gain valuable industry knowledge about key concepts which involve the practice of real estate. Included in these concepts are fundamentals related to flood and homeowner’s insurance, as well as important factors and case studies involving professional errors and omissions insurance. Finally, attendees will learn about important purchase agreement updates and associated timelines which will assist real estate professionals in better understanding the contracts which directly affect their clients and the public.